Eu-Seb Anti-acne Set

Control acne, breakouts and oily skin with Eu-Seb Anti-acne Set. New Eu-Seb Concentrate reduces acne causing bacteria by 92% in 24 hours.


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How it Works

With acne, consistency is key. Prebiotics and probiotics have repeatedly demonstrated that normalising skin microbiome, controlling sebum production and maintaining healthy balance in skin microflora provide a stable anti-acne effect. Eu-Seb can help even with chronic and persistent adult acne, when conventional acne therapy has failed. Use prebiotic concentrate to re-balance skin microflora (microbiome) and maintain the healthy numbers of beneficial bacteria. Exfoliate and cleanse pores very gently, but effectively with probiotic enzyme Enzy-Peel Mask. Control sebum production and calm the skin with Eu-Seb Mask.

Each Eu-Seb Anti-acne Set contains 3 full-size products, all available separately.

How to Use

Exfoliate weekly with gentle Enzy-Peel Double-action Mask. If your skin is at the moment inflamed and red, don’t massage your face! Instead, simply apply the mask, spread evenly with very gentle movements, leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off carefully with lukewarm water. Use anti-acne Eu-Seb Concentrate twice a day, morning and night. Follow with Eu-Seb Mask once a week.

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