Hydra-Fill 3D Hydration Set

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Hydra-Fill 3D Hydration Set is designed for dry dull skin care. When your skin feels dry and dehydrated, Hydra-Fill Set will help restore and maintain healthy moisture levels, fill wrinkles and keep the skin plump and firm. Choose between 2 set variations, with probiotic enzyme exfoliating mask Enzy-Peel with eco-friendly silica particles for smoother skin and tighter pores, or with protective and moisturising Salva-Derm Cream for softer skin, microbiome support and more even complexion. Both are great options for deep moisturising and dry dull skin care.


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How it Works

Hydra-Fill is Meder’s best moisturising solution for dry dull skin care, plumping and deep hydration. A 5-week use of Hydra-Fill Concentrate and sheet masks will help restore moisture levels in the deep skin layers and the skin’s natural protection. Hydra-Fill helps fill the skin erasing wrinkles, signs of fatigue and free radical damage. New and rare probiotics in Hydra-Fill Concentrate prevent skin flaking and ensure healthy water retention. Hydra-Fill Mask instantly transforms dry and stressed skin with dull complexion restoring its natural healthy glowing look. Probiotic enzyme exfoliation with Enzy-Peel Mask helps the skin remain smooth and soft with tighter pores and better sebum regulation while also normalising microbiome. Salva-Derm Cream helps bring back the skin’s natural protection, calms inflammation, heals damaged skin, softens, moisturises and nourishes with a combination of prebiotic, Ceramide-3, algae extracts and vitamin B5.

How to Use

Give your skin salon-like exfoliation with Enzy-Peel Probiotic Double-Action Exfoliating Mask once a week. Apply one full pump of Hydra-Fill Concentrate to your face and décolleté. Maximise your dry dull skin care treatment with Hydra-Fill Mask. Use Salva-Derm Cream daily, morning and night, always after your concentrate and sheet mask, for deep moisturising care and protection.

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