How it Works

Myo-Fix was one of the world’s first effective non-injection mimic wrinkles’ correction treatments launched in 2009 in Switzerland.  Beauty clinics over the world are offering a 5-weeks treatment course for the correction of mimic wrinkles and fine lines as an alternative to Botulinum Toxin injectables.

Innovative neuro-modulating peptides Argireline, Syn-Ake, and Leuphasyl are working in synergy, immobilizing the mimic muscles of the forehead and around the eyes area, erasing wrinkles and fine lines quickly and effectively. Week by week skin becomes more smooth and glowing with wrinkles visibly reduced.

Now you can do it yourself staying home. Exfoliate your skin like a pro with Enzy-Peel Double-Action Probiotics Mask.

Watch a video tutorial by Dr.Meder

Apply Myo-Fix Anti-Wrinkles Concentrate line by line and finalize your “like a pro” treatment with a Myo-Fix Anti-Wrinkles Mask.

Don’t worry, if your skin feels a little frozen after the treatment! Peptides are immobilizing muscles superficially only where it’s necessary – at their points of connection with the skin. Enjoy your fresh look and continue to use a Myo-Fix Concentrate on a daily basis to obtain the best results.