Red-Apax Anti-redness Set

Red-Apax Anti-redness Set calms, soothes and quickly restores comfort for red, irritated, sensitive skin and rosacea. Choose between 2 variation sets: with Soin-Apax Serum for instant calming relief for red, irritated, very sensitive and damaged skin or with Salva-Derm Cream for daily soothing, moisturising and protection.


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How it Works

Red-Apax brings quick and easy relief to redness, rosacea, irritation and sensitivity. Neurotherapeutic Red-Apax Concentrate, packed with prebiotics, probiotics, innovative Northern truffle extract and yacon extract, fights redness and eases rosacea symptoms, maintaining skin comfort and controlling flare-ups for long term feeling of calm, moisturised, healthy skin. Moreover, the concentrate provides further support for skin microbiome, which is especially important for rosacea patients. Red-Apax Mask quickly subsides skin redness and discomfort caused by a variety of factors: along with relief for rosacea, Red-Apax range helps control menopausal flushes and skin sensitivity. Instantly calming Soin-Apax Serum brings swift relief to red and sensitive skin, eliminating pain, discomfort and irritation with a large dose of extremely high quality Centella asiatica extract. Light and soothing Salva-Derm Cream protects sensitive skin from harm, softens, moisturises and nourishes.

How to Use

If using, apply Soin-Apax Serum to clean skin twice a day after washing your face. Follow with calming Red-Apax Concentrate, twice a day, morning and night. Always apply concentrate after the serum. Enjoy the sensation of comfort settling in. Use Red-Apax Mask after cleanser and concentrate once or twice a week. Apply Salva-Derm Cream last, always after concentrate and mask, twice a day morning and night.

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