Red-Apax Mini Dose Set

1 disposable sheet mask, 2 ml

Redness skincare innovation. Red-Apax Concentrate Sample and Red-Apax Mask Sachet to fight redness and discomfort associated with rosacea, sensitivity, inflammaging and menopausal flushes.


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How it Works

Red-Apax Sample set includes a  sample of Red-Apax Concentrate and a single sachet of Red-Apax Mask.

Meder Beauty Red-Apax range helps soothe skin redness, sensitivity, irritation, burning, itching and general discomfort, usually associated with rosacea, hypersensitivity, damaged skin, age-related inflammation and menopausal hot flushes.

Red-Apax Concenrtate instantly calms the skin’s receptors of pain and heat, improves microcirculation and relieves redness. Red-Apax Mask helps heal damaged skin, relieves pain and tightness, brings about a pleasant sensation of comfortable cool.

Both products available separately, or as parts of Red-Apax Set.

You can also try Red-Apax DIY Facial Kit for a complete course of clinical facials and daily care with active concentrate.

How to Use

Apply Red-Apax Concentrate to clean skin, spread gently with light stroking motions. Use the whole contents of the tube, it is enough for your whole face, neck and décolleté. Open the sachet with the mask, unfold it carefully, place on your face and secure around the ears. Leave on for 20 minutes, then take off and discard. Massage the remaining gel gently into the skin. Follow with your cream — we recommend Equa-Derm Cream.

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