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A free set of mini doses for dry skin (you pay for delivery only!). Try dry skin set to discover Meder Beauty products for dehydrated and dry skin.

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How it Works

Free Dry Skin Set contains 4 mini-dose products with deep moisturising effect, including our bestselling revitalising serum Nrj-Soin and 3D hydration Hydra-Fill Concentrate enriched with prebiotics and probiotics.

Summer heat has your skin going dry, flaky and irritable? UV radiation, pollution and stress can make your skin more sensitive and reduce its natural protection, increasing dryness and pigmentation.

You can sample Meder Beauty dry skin heroes to get a taster of our approach to dry skin.

The revitalising boost of niacinamide in the the cleansing mask Nrj-Net increases microcirculation and protects agains pigmentation. The following anti-oxidant blast of Nrj-Soin Serum helps battle free radicals, brightens and moisturises the skin preparing it for the active concentrate. Hydra-Fill Concentrate moisturises the skin both on the surface and in the deeper layers, helping it retain moisture and stay smooth and soft. Finally, Salva-Derm Cream is a gentle moisturiser, suitable even for sensitive skin.

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How to Use

The set is meant to be used together, but you can try the products separately if you so wish. Wash your face with Nrj-Net Revitalising Cleansing Mask. Apply to dry skin, spread evenly, leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse with water. Your skin may go red and warm, it is a normal reaction to niacinamide and will subside in a few minutes. At the next step apply Nrj-Soin Serum generously all over your face and neck, including eye area. Apply Arma-Lift Concentrate to your whole face and neck, still moist with the serum. Spread evenly with gentle motions. Finish with Arma-Derm Cream. There, you’ve just given your skin a good taster of what proper age-well skin care is like! Enjoy smooth nourished skin and the feeling of comfort.

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