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5. Model and Property releases

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6. Using Images

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  • All rights to Media are owned by the creators or Meder Beauty (as appropriate).
    You acquire from Meder Beauty only the limited right to reproduce that Media as agreed when you confirm specific usage details before downloading.
  • You may not make or permit any modifications to or alterations of images (except standard colour correction) or to the caption information accompanying such images unless specifically agreed in writing by us.
  • You may use Marketing Media for your advertising purposes as long as you remain Meder Beauty’s business partners (distributor, stockist, etc). Termination of contract with Meder Beauty as a supplier implies immediate termination of this agreement and the revoking of your right to use Marketing Media for any purposes.

7. Reproduction Agreement

  • You may download Marketing Media for immediate delivery subject to you agreeing to this Terms and Conditions.

8. Miscellaneous

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