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Transforming skin with the power of microbiome-friendly formulas and routines.

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Meder Beauty is an award-winning professional microbiome-friendly skincare line created by dermatologist Dr. Tiina Meder.

Skin is an ecosystem consisting of human cells and billions of live microorganisms. Our approach is to develop skincare which is good both for the skin and for our micro friends.

— Dr. Tiina Meder

Meder Beauty skincare is safe to use for all skin types at any time of life. Skin expertise and a combination of prebiotic, probiotics, biotechnological peptides, epigenetic ingredients and organic plant extracts deliver visible results even for severe skin problems.




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Biohack age-related skin changes with Arma-Lift concentrate. Our top solution for age-well management.
This high-tech epigenetic formula:
⬆️ Upregulates synthesis of 'Youth Collagen' to restore skin firmness and elasticity
⬆️ Upregulates receptors of oestrogen to help skin despite hormonal changes (SERM based approach)
⬇️ Downregulates pro-inflammatory activity
⏰ When's the best time to use it? We recommend:
5-10 weeks, once or twice a year starting in perimenopause
Daily in menopause
View more about epigenetic skincare over on Meder Journal, link in bio. #mederbeauty
Ageing & skin Q&A (pt 1), @drtiinameder answers two questions around skin and ageing.
➡️ Why does skin change as we age?
Our skin reflects the changes happening in our body. We now know as we get older our microbiome diversity decreases and this change can be a significant factor in explaining the appearance of age-related skin changes. 
➡️ How to help skin changes in menopause? 
Of course our hormones can also play a crucial role in skin changes such as perimenopause and menopause. HRT can help on the inside but new ingredients like those found in Arma-Lift concentrate can help skin cells react better to the lack of estrogen. 
Have a question you'd like Dr Tiina to answer? Share them with us in the comments. 
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What does your Sunday skin routine look like? @simplypinayinusa shows us the Meder Beauty products she loves in hers. 😍
How to help dry and or dehydrated skin? Meet our hero Hydra-Fill set and save this post for future. 
➡️ Dry skin is linked to the lack of lipids and water-holding substances in the superficial layers of the skin called Stratum corneum.
➡️ Dehydrated skin is due to the lack of water itself or a lack of water-holding substances in the deep layer of skin called Dermis.
➡️ Often skin can be both due to environmental factors, stress, UV damage and air pollution. 
We cover these concerns completely with our curated products to provide the care skin needs. 
💧 Water-holding ingredients along with antioxidants and vitamins that work to help the surface and hydrate the deep layers of skin.
Ready to save your skin? Shop sets now via the link in our bio.
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Award-winning favourites Hydra-Fill sheet masks transform skin in 20 minutes, with results that last for hours after application.
💧 Its active gel contains:
Hyaluronic acid ➡️ instantly hydrates the skin, plumping it from within.
Vitamin E ➡️ protects skin cells from harm, reducing the damage caused by free radicals and UV.
Tranexamic acid ➡️ reduces pigmentation and damage from UV, pollution and retinol.
Deep sea water extract ➡️ stimulates natural collagen production.
Carrageenan (extracted from natural algae) ➡️ creates a delicate hydrating layer on the skin surface making the skin glow.
Skinasensyl ➡️ an innovative calming peptide prevents allergic reactions and restores healthy immunity.
Weekly treat or skin prep before an event, we can't go without.
Why water is so important for skin 💦 
This is truly your sign to stay hydrated as @drtiinameder explains the importance of water for our largest organ. 
➡️ Without it, vital elements for skin health can't be delivered efficiently to skin cells.
Find out more on Meder Journal as we have our guide on how to help dry & dehydrated skin to bring your skin health back. Link in bio. 
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Hello hydration 💧 💧 
A firm favourite in the lead up to big events, Hydra-Fill facials give dry and dehydrated skin much needed moisture. Working simultaneously on all 3 layers of skin.
Big thanks to @miabellaskinboutique for sharing these amazing skin results.
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Making #bluemonday brighter and better. Spending time to look after our skin is one of our favourite forms of selfcare.
If you're looking for inspiration, we've got a few ideas you can add to your routine for a quick boost.
✨ You can't go wrong with a sheet mask & with our stay-in-place design they're great for multitasking.
👀 Spend some extra time on eye care. 
🖐 🖐 Help hands with dedicated care.
What do you like to do to give skin an added boost?
Evening skin routine inspiration with @withlove.tima and two Meder Beauty favourites for hydration.
Are you a fan of a sheet mask at the weekend? Let us know when you include them into your routines. 
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