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Meder Beauty is an award-winning professional microbiome-friendly skincare line created by dermatologist Dr. Tiina Meder.

Skin is an ecosystem consisting of human cells and billions of live microorganisms. Our approach is to develop skincare which is good both for the skin and for our micro friends.

— Dr. Tiina Meder

Meder Beauty skincare is safe to use for all skin types at any time of life. Skin expertise and a combination of prebiotic, probiotics, biotechnological peptides, epigenetic ingredients and organic plant extracts deliver visible results even for severe skin problems.




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Two main communities make up your skin microbiome: Resident & Transient ⬇️
Resident flora = like a fingerprint, unique but similar to fingerprints of family members. 
This is the microbiome you have from birth. It can be changed, but most of the changes are temporary.
Transient flora = “tourists”, entering the skin microbiome when the opportunity comes.
For example, your skin microbiome can change after 20-30 minutes swimming in the ocean. It changes back to “normal” in a few hours. 
BUT with daily swimming the microbiome can change and ocean bacteria can switch from transient to resident.
Good news for dog lovers, dogs are also your skin's best friend.
While there's historically been concern around pet ownership and allergens, studies show that the microbiome of dog owners is higher in diversity which helps maintain skin protection. 
➡️ Microbiome diversity can even help to slow down the appearance of signs of ageing. 
And what about cats? ... well... they rarely change the microbiome of their owner.
Top tip for pregnancy skincare: focus on your microbiome. Inside and out.
While there are known ingredients to avoid during this period of time, it doesn't mean that you can't use performance skincare or introduce new products.
@drtiinameder shares her microbiome knowledge with Jessi Baker (@jessilbaker) CEO and founder of @provenancehq. 
Why prebiotic and probiotics should be in your routine?
✔️ Proven to be safe and effective for everyone, even during pregnancy
✔️ Your skin microbiome and gut microbiome communicate via biochemical language - it's a two way street.
✔️ A happy microbiome = a happy body
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My microbiome? Got it from my mother. 💁‍♀️
In our conversation with @provenancehq CEO and founder Jessi Baker (@jessilbaker), @drtiinameder explains the origins of our unique microbiome, which is just as much of a personal identifier as a fingerprint. 
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A guide to expression lines aka mimic wrinkles. Save this post for later. 
These types of wrinkles follow the movement of facial muscles and can easily be diagnosed by location:
The zones of active mimic such as forehead, between the eyebrows, zones around your eyes and mouth. 
Save this post to see how to identify them and to reduce their appearance with the help of our targeted care, Myo-Fix concentrate.
Bonus: pair with Myo-Fix sheet masks. Perfect for anti-stress, tension & to maintain and enhance mimic wrinkle control results.
Mix and match. Blepharo-Light & Blepharo-Rich are the eye care duo that fit into your routine easily. 
Use both together. Use one in the morning. Use the other at night. Whatever you decide, remember to follow their numbers. 
6 = Blepharo-Light
7 = Blepharo-Rich
A simple skincare hack for your eyes.
Store Blepharo-Light in the fridge door and apply it cool.
What does this do? 
✔️ Gives an extra boost to help depuff under eye skin
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All our products are winners to us. These just happen to have some awards. 
Get to know the products recognised by expert judges in our award-winning skincare edit. Link in bio.
Spot any of your favourites?
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Professional treatments and our home care follow the same steps and number system. Ensuring you get the best results from clinic to home cabinet. 
How many steps are in your routine this weekend?
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