//Review by Coco et La Vie en Rose, Italy

Review by Coco et La Vie en Rose, Italy

Currently loving these new beauty products by Swiss luxury brand Meder Beauty !
1️⃣ Derma-Fill Prebiotic Moisturising Cream is a universal moisturiser with prebiotics and hyaluronic acid.
Besides keeping your skin hydrated, this cream protects it from polluted air and water 
2️⃣ Lipo-Oval Mask is a de-puffing oval-slimming face mask with a sculpting effect. When I have a puffy face after sleeping in or not sleeping enough, it make wonders 🤩
3️⃣ Hydra-Fill Mask is another miracle mask! Leave it on for 20 minutes and you will resurface glowing with radiant beauty 💯
As an added bonus both masks are super comfortable to wear. Although packed with active ingredients, they’re not dripping wet during application. You can also fix the mask to your ears and close your eyes to feel all the pampering comfort of a facial in a professional salon

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