Meder Beauty’s newly released DIY Facial Kits are featured in this issue of Forbes as one of 5 simple steps to your best Zoom face and perfect skin. To quote the feature, 

Unusual for products of similar range, the Meder Beauty kits contain a variety of different evidence-based actives that will deliver results, but notably without retinol or acids to avoid irritation. 

Among 6 Meder Beauty DIY Facial Kits, Forbes specifically praises Myo-Fix Diy Facial Mimic Wrinkle Control, saying:  

It is said to mimic results similar to ones of Botox but without any downtime — great option for getting your face Zoom-ready instantly.

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In the last year the beauty industry had to change and adapt to an incredibly challenging set of circumstances. Not only was the world anxiety-ridden over the global health crisis, but in many countries all over the world aesthetic services have been suspended and in some places they still remain so today. 

Meder Beauty Launched DIY Facial Kits on the 1st of March, and they’re already getting a lot of attention. DIY Facial is an easy go-to solution for beauty-starved people in lockdown who would like to support their skin health and look fresh, but are unable or anxious to see a beauty therapist. 

Today Meder Beauty is helping consumers to take on a more holistic approach to skin care by adapting advanced professional treatments for people to use at home. The brand’s founder, dermatologist Dr Tiina Meder, is confident that a professional clinical skin treatment can be easily performed by anyone in their own bathroom.